Events Calendar

Installing the calendar to your PC / Phone / Tablet

We will be updating the calendar throughout the season with goal and penalty details for each game, the games Red Army Travel will be running buses to, fixture changes, shirt auctions, Red Army Supporters Club events and anything else Cardiff Devils related as well as the races and fun runs that we will be entering.

Each time we update the calendar your phone, tablet or Outlook will automatically update itself too without you needing to make any further changes.

If you have the previous (non updating) version of the calendar that Gerald sent out by email at the end of August, you may wish to delete that one first or you will end up with duplicate entries.

Instructions for iPhone and iPad with iOS 5 or above

Instructions for most Android phones

Other Android phones

Instructions for Outlook

HTC, Blackberry and Nokia

Installing the calendar varies depending on your model and the software installed on it. A search for Subscribed calendars for your phone make & model should bring up the instructions.

I am currently using a Nokia N8 myself and have found the easiest way to get the fixtures on my phone is to follow the instructions for Outlook and then use Nokia PC Suite to sync my phone with Outlook once a week or so.

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